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Are the Holidays a Good Time to be Looking?

So the question is: Is now a good time to buy a home? According to our historical data from the past few years, the answer is YES!

The holidays are obviously a time to rejoice, but they are also a time of great opportunity. Historically, we have seen an uptick in our business during the last six weeks of the year.  Many people take time off from their housing search over the holidays and take their eyes off the proverbial ball, which is why we keep at it – because there is still almost 10% of the year left.  A new coat is a great gift, but what about a new house?

In this video, not only do Brad & Josh show off their stellar dance moves, they also unpack the advantages of house hunting during the holidays and the recent dip in mortgage rates.

We’re ready to help you have a joyous December, so keep your eye on the prize, and as Brad says, “Make your next move your BEST move!”

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