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Happy Earth Day!

Trees and Plants

Trees and Plants

? Happy Earth Day! ⁠ The theme this year is: Restore Our Earth. And what better way to Restore Our Earth in Los Angeles than to implement a drought-tolerant landscape in your own yard?! Drought-tolerant plants such as cacti and succulents thrive with little to no watering, so not only will you save water, but you will also save time AND money. ⁠

So what are you waiting for? Click the link below to read the “The Drought Tolerant Garden Handbook” by the County of Los Angeles and get started. And if you think that your only plant options are cacti, think again…this handbook includes a list of OVER 500 drought-tolerant plants broken down by each LA climate zone. ⁠

Below are 10 additional everyday actions YOU can do to reduce your impact on the environment:⁠

✅ Group your online purchases in one order each week.⁠
✅ Unsubscribe from catalogs and junk mail lists.⁠
✅ Repair leaky faucets.⁠
✅ Change your air filter in your home & car.⁠
✅ Select the “double-sided” option on your printer.⁠
✅ Do not idle your car engine.⁠
✅ If you are in the market for new appliances, choose ones with high energy-efficiency ratings.⁠
✅ Dust off your reusable bags and bring them with you to the grocery store.⁠
✅ Adjust your thermostat: 68 degrees is the most energy-efficient temp in winter & 78 in the summer.⁠
✅ Use cold water when washing clothes.