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Keyes Real Estate Welcomes Miguel Madrigal

👋 Welcome to the team, Miguel Madrigal!⁠

Miguel has joined the Keyes Real Estate team as our Digital Marketing Coordinator and has jumped right into the fast-paced world of real estate. He loves the challenge of creating engaging content that captures the attention of the audience while also assisting with brand promotion. Before joining the team, Miguel was working as a social media content creator for a general contractor. Miguel is excited to continue to expand his skills in digital marketing and real estate in his new role. ⁠

Outside of work, Miguel is an active individual who loves to stay physically fit. He enjoys playing basketball, exploring new cities, and working out regularly. Whether it’s documenting his travels or creating videos for his social media channels, Miguel enjoys the process of bringing his ideas to life through visual storytelling. He has a talent for capturing beautiful moments and presenting them in an engaging and entertaining way.