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Over $500 Million Sold! 🍾

I am proud to announce a milestone in our business: over $500 million in sales volume! When I was first starting out as an agent in my 2nd year of law school, a number like this seemed impossible. I appreciate each and every one of you reading this note, as you have contributed to the success of our team.

This number would not have been achievable without my incredible team: my dedicated partner Josh; our Director of Compliance Narine who oversees each transaction with her eagle eyes; and my wife and Director of, well, EVERYTHING – you have transformed our business since starting in 2018, and I couldn’t be more proud of what we have accomplished.

As we prepare for our next milestone goal of $1 billion in sales, I am excited about our growing team with the recent addition of a new Director of Operations and a new Salesperson.

As we grow, our focus remains the same: we are Real Estate Advisors first, focused on careful and persistent work. Thank you for taking the time to read this note, and I look forward to officially introducing the newest members of our team in our March newsletter!

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