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Sam Grant: A Real-Life Superhero

Sam Grant

Sam Grant

NOT ALL SUPERHEROES WEAR CAPES, and don’t be fooled by the 3 actors below.

Sam Grant with Farmer’s Insurance is a real-life superhero.


ne often overlooked component of real estate due diligence is INSURABILITY. Whenever we represent the buyer on the purchase of a property, we run a “loss report” as part of our investigation ? of the property to not only confirm that the Seller is disclosing accurate information, but to also see the full history of a property. Any previous claims made on a property can increase the cost of insurance exponentially ?. And when buying a home in Los Angeles, it is especially important to look at insurance costs, as they can be exponentially higher in high fire risk zones ? and earthquake fault zones.⁠

Having an expert insurance agent in your corner is CRITICAL ?, and Sam is THE expert on the interplay of insurance and how it pertains to real estate, whether it be commercial or residential, business or personal. ⁠

He is as kind & easy to work with as he is knowledgeable. We recommend him to all of our clients because he treats your problems as if they were his own and resolves them expertly, quickly and calmly…like we said, a real-life superhero ?‍♂️.⁠

THANK YOU Sam Grant for all you do for us and for our clients ?. We’d be lost without you.⁠

Call or email him to discuss all your insurance needs: ? 805.552.4671 / ? sgrant(at)farmersagent(dotted)com