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Mortgage Rates Are Going Up…

But don’t panic. While current mortgage rates ticked up slightly this last month, they are still historically low and significantly lower than they have been in the last 5 years.

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Welcome Narine!

In keeping with our mantra of “constant and never-ending improvement,” we are excited to announce the hiring of the newest member of our team! Narine Vartanian joined us as the DIRECTOR OF COMPLIANCE.

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Is Your Kitchen Holiday Ready?

Thanksgiving is less than 1 week away, and no matter how you are celebrating this year, we know the home preparation is REAL, especially in THE KITCHEN! We are sharing 4 TIPS to ensure a holiday-ready-kitchen.

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COVID-19 = Buyer’s Market & Aggressive Facial Hair

We have received a lot questions about how COVID-19 has affected the real estate market, and there is no question that LOS ANGELES IS NOW A BUYER’S MARKET! Take a minute and listen to Brad and Ryan’s thoughts on the current real estate market…and try not to be distracted by their facial hair.

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